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Nice idea and technically well executed.

The big question with this type of game will always be if you can find

a) an interesting story, and/or

b) situations where you need to apply your "super powers" in creative ways.

Portal was great because both parts were done well. If it had no GlaDos and the puzzles would always stayed at the level of "cross a chasm by opening a portal on this side and the other side", it would not be still praised today.

One specific comment, which may or may not be representative: After the tutorial, when I reached the 3 story hall with many "bulk doors", I was for 10 min at a loss of what to do, because I could not find any interactable objects. Only by accident I discovered the switches to open the doors. I realized afterwards that I had seen them before, but because that was from a different angle (basically from the top and not from the side), I did not recognize them in this new room.

Thanks for the reply. We have actually been talking about a redesign of that area and apappreciate the feedback. We will definitely think about how to better draw attention to the switches in the hub.

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